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Strong, Aggressive Criminal Defense From A Former Prosecutor

I believe the only way to defend clients against criminal charges is to be aggressive and work from a position of strength. No matter what the circumstances of the arrest, you are always innocent until proven guilty. There are many St. Louis attorneys who understand defense. My former work as a prosecutor allows me to anticipate the approach that the prosecutor is likely to take. I can then use their statements and tactics against them.

As an attorney who has worked on both sides of the courtroom, I know the law. I know what an arresting officer should have done, even if that’s not what the officer did. I will challenge all of the evidence that is brought against you. I have a knack for finding inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case. At Bret M. Rich, Attorney & Counselor at Law, I am relentless, and I leave no stone unturned.

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Capable Defense For Many Criminal Charges

The truth is that at one time or another, many of us will need legal counsel to defend against a charge. When this happens to you, I am experienced and prepared to provide forceful criminal defense. I can help with charges such as:

  • White collar crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • Drug violations
  • Traffic violations
  • Misdemeanors and felonies of all kinds

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As an attorney with over 30 years of experience in Missouri courts, I am ready to take on whatever the prosecution tries to make stick. It is imperative that you fully understand your rights and your options before agreeing to any plea or making any deal. Remember, the prosecution’s job is not to help you, it is to get a guilty verdict.

Get A Quick Response To Defend Against Charges

After an arrest, you need answers to your questions quickly. I offer responsive personalized legal representation for criminal matters. Call and set up a free initial meeting. Get your questions answered. Call my firm at 314-788-4075 or reach me by using this inquiry form. I represent clients throughout St. Louis.