If you are facing the possibility of a conviction for a criminal offense in the states of Missouri, Illinois, or in Federal Court, then you may be facing having a criminal record for the rest of your life and spending time in prison.  You can't afford not to have an attorney who is willing to build a vigorous and aggressive defense for you.

The do's and dont's of a strong defense:

  • Don't talk to the police until you have consulted with an attorney 
  • Don't start by cutting quick deals with prosecutors.
  • Don't open from a position of weakness.
  • Never assume the police did their job correctly.
  • Don't back down from the prospect of a jury trial.
  • Don't allow an attorney to put your future at risk by trying to make their job easier.
  • Never leave any stone unturned in crafting a vigorous defense.

Backing down from the fight because it's hard doesn't do you any good.  You need a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to win your case:

  • We fight to have your record cleared.
  • We take depositions to lock the police and witnesses into their statements.
  • We do know how to catch inconsistencies in statements from the police and witnesses.
  • We demand that the evidence be tested by preliminary hearings and jury trials.
  • We do know what the arresting officer should have done, even if they don't.

The High Cost of a Criminal Record

With a felony conviction on your record you face a future of uncertainties.  You could lose your job, your friends and family, and even your freedom.

Please call Bret M. Rich and schedule an appointment with this experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney.  You may contact him by phone at 314-721-4472 or send him an email via the contact us section on this website.  He can help you win your fight.  Even if it seems hopeless, Bret M. Rich's experience and past success in trying cases like yours proves that there are alot of options in strategizing your criminal defense.

Contact Bret M. Rich at 314-721-4472 or send him an email via the contact us section on this website.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.  This disclosure is required  rule of the Supreme Court of Missouri.